Webinar: Designer-Guided Hull Form Optimization

Vessel hull form drag is the principal system load that ultimately determines engine power, fuel consumption, and emissions, and we know that reducing this hydrodynamic “cost” is an important design objective. But is there a “best” hydrodynamic shape to achieve least drag? Probably. Can I use that shape? Probably not, since the other design objectives of hydrostatics and safety, structure and layout, even producibility and capital cost, typically have priority over considerations of speed and power. This half-hour webinar will review how “designer-guided hull form optimization” in NavCad helps point to the hull characteristics that offer drag reduction for a vessel design. Designers will then use this knowledge to optimize hull shapes that are compatible with their other design priorities. Spend a few minutes with Don MacPherson to review objectives, workflow, and a case study that used these techniques for substantial savings in fuel consumption and emissions.

Webinar Date: June 11, 2020